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Anasazi Stone and Tile Company located in Scottsdale Arizona and Tucson Arizona has a full inventory of Lost Creek Ledge available for your selection.

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3 Rivers Gemstone

Autumn Blend
Squares and Recs


Arizona Brown Schist

Arkansas Creek Cobble

Autumn Horizon

Baja Cresta


Beaver Mtn

Bighorn Ledgestone

Black Gold

Black Opal Schist

Black Pearl

Blue Cobble

Bradshaw Rubble



Canyon Castle

Canyon Creek Ledgestone

Canyon Creek

Caronlina Ledgestone

China Multi


Copper Creek Blend

Country Cobble

Country Cottage

Cranford Blend

DC Ranch

Dry Creek Blend


Fossil Creek

Glacier Mountain Ledgestone

Gold Quartzite

Golden Brown Schist

Golden Canadian

Granite Ledgestone


High Desert Blend



Kansas Rubble

Lost Creek Ledge

Lueders Antique Limestone

Montana Moss Rock

Moss Rock

Mt. Moriah

North Rim

Ocean Mist

Osage Rubble

Pacific Ashlar

Plum Quartzite

Ranchers Blend

Rico Stack

Rustic Ranch Blue

Rustic Ranch

Rustic Rubble

Salmon Quartzite

Santa Cruz

Santa Rosa

Sedona Brown

Sierra Madre

Sonoma Arcahaic

Tofino Sky

Tumbled Golden Canadian

Upper Canyon Blend

Western Blend

Wild Horse Swirl

Anasazi Stone is proud to offer Real Stone Thin Veneer and to promote eco-friendly building and design techniques.

There are several green aspects to Real Stone Thin Veneer. Because thin veneer stone weighs, approximately, 75% less than full-thickness stone, diesel fuel efficiency is sharply increased. Any truck and supporting equipment, which carries and delivers the stone, now carries several times more square footage than a truck hauling full-thickness stone. Quarry equipment is 2-3 times more efficient because each stone can be used several times, as opposed to just once. Not only does thin cut stone allow for more efficient fuel consumption but over time it will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted, by equipment and over-the-road transportation vehicles.

Because of its weight, thin veneer requires less structural support. This means less lumber and less concrete to produce, ship and install, in order to support a natural stone veneer. As a result, there is a lower demand on our most widely used natural resources.

In the building process, there is inherent waste of material…material which later ends up in the landfill. Natural stone excess is only a positive as it can be used in decorative projects, in the garden or simply returned to nature. The durability, longevity and timeless beauty, translates into no waste in the future.

Natural stone is a very low-maintenance veneer. Once the material is completely installed, little else is needed to maintain the stone over the years. No need for paint, sealers, or harsh cleaning products. This eliminates off gassing from toxic materials, adhesives or finish.

Unlike faux, factory-produced "stone," natural stone contains no toxins or compromising chemicals. It comes from the earth. You can’t get better than that. Buy natural stone and be sure you’re being sustainable.

From architectural design, to shipping, to installation, thin veneer is a product that offers fantastic economic and environmental benefits.

NOTICE: Stone is, of course, a natural product. Variations in color and texture do occur and are part of what make our building products so unique. Please use the photographs within these pages only as a guide. These images depict finished applications in which our stone products have been cut and/or shaped to achieve the visual and structural requirements of both the job and the property owner. Lighting conditions at the time each photo was taken and the limits of different computer screen resolution, can and do effect the appearance. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact match to any of the images contained herein. Product specifications and availability are subject to change